Windsinger - Gary Smith


Gary Smith 'Wind Singer'

Folk. Vanguard Records, Gary Smith, Larry Smith, Mike Christiansen, Reid Cornwallis, Featured on CBS on 60-Minutes program with Robert Redford. Gary also published a book, "Windsinger".


Sky View Jazz Ensemble

Sherry Buck director

Sounds Unlimited 'Get on a Honda and Ride'

A suite of jingles


Smith Family

Recording to document the family the month before I left on my mission


Studio Drummer

Sandy Martinez, New Sound Column Band, Mormon Seminary Film Series, Eddie Colone, Heidi Magleby, Safety Kids, TV commercials, radio spots, documentary sound tracks, country western demos, rock demos, pop demos, punk demos, Steve Flygare (jazz fusion), Ed Pratt (Funkijazzified Folk Rock), Salt Lake City, UT


Rick Hancey

Rick Springfield style 80's pop-rock
Osmond Studios, Orem, UT



Speed metal, Central Massachusetts

Scott Andersen

Roots rock, Cambridge MA

Four On The Floor

70's covers.Oddly, this recording received alot of airplay, Medford, MA


1940's Radio Hour bootleg video

Nickerson Theater, Norwell, MA

Darrell Scott If 'I were the Devil'

Trio with Darrell and his brother Donny. (Just heard him in Aug 2006 on NPR). Darrell, a Tufts grad, encouraged me to apply to Tufts, and helped me with the admissions process.


Calamity Jane 'Mississippi'

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA (Aerosmith, Zeppelin, with Eagles harmonies) Featuring:

  • Shane Smith - Vocals
  • Mike Parnin - Guitar (Mike stayed in Hollywood to play metal and daylights as a studio engineer)
  • Andy ? - Guitar
  • Jonah Jones - Bass
  • Ned Smith - Drums

Good Gravy

Blues Rock. Tony Corologos Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Guy Tyler 'Vampire Dance'

Duet. Guy was with Orchestra of St. Luke's, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Parnassus, Speculum Musicae, Boston Musica Viva, the New York Chamber Ensemble, New England Bach Festival, Bang-on-a-Can, Boston Symphony, The Pops. I played with Guy as a duet and in a band with harmonica player, Sebastian Junger, who wrote "The Perfect Storm".


Used Blues 'Hey Everybody!'

Trio with John Gerry Putnam and Ed Hodge. We're all unknowns. This band was one of the best bands of my life.


Used Blues 'Good Gravy'

I wrote the tune so I wouldn't have to change my front bass drumhead bearing the band Good Gravey's logo. It had been drawn on the head by a dear friend, Angela Andersen, and I couldn't part with it. We recorded it live on an Emerson College WERS broadcast. Good Gravy became the opening theme song of the WERS Blues Hour for the next year or two.

Dakota Smith & Wesson 'Dolphin Dance'

Duet with Scott Dakota. Recorded and performed Scott's songs and my poetry and short stories.

Dan Sterns 'Blue & Spangled Dangling'

Dan's MySpace 20th Century Classical meets thrash meets everything else from about 1969 on. Quartet with Sterns, Bart Malio on Bass, and Mike Connors on vibes.

Used Blues 'The Ring'

(Still in the cans) Waltham MA.


Rootlock 'I Drink Listerine (to take the edge off)'

Chris Mascara's first recording with me on drums. Waltham MA. Precursor to the Mascara CD.


Renée Randall Blues Band 'Sugar Coated Love'


  • Cheryl Renée - Keyboards, lead vocals
  • Howard Randall - Guitar, lead vocals
  • Tom Curatolo - Bass
  • Ned Smith - Drums


Mascara 'Cellar Door'


  • Chris Mascara - Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Sitar
  • Ned Smith - Drums, and Back-up vocals
  • Tim Kelly - Guitar, Dobro, Lapsteel, Shavian lute, and Back-up vocals
  • Nate McBride - Electric & Accoustic Bases, Back-up vocals

Recorded at The Outpost, Stoughton, MA and Zippah, Brookline, MA

John Pedini 'Entering Sharon (MA)'


  • Greg Jamiol - Keyboards
  • Can Keskin - Bass
  • John Pedini - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Fort Apache; Somerville, MA


Christ Episcopal Church of Coronado Jazz Band

Christmas 2004 Jazz CD, Donna Grandi, Recorded at the Episcopal Church of Coronado, CA


Sonny Joy


  • Sonny Joy - Guitar,
  • Mike Carpenter - Bass.
  • Ned Smith - Drums

Recorded in Oceanside CA, Jazz Trio